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Just saw this posted and thought it was a perfect fit.

Downloaded on 5/9/16 from Kylene Beers Facebook page:

Visited a middle school.
Principal said that thirty minutes per day for each kid is choice reading.

Then he pointed out the leveling system his school uses: “We color-code the books, not put numbers on them, because kids don’t mind saying they read a blue book but they might hate to say they read M books or 600 level books when others read higher.

I asked if kids had to read from a certain color bin when doing choice reading.

“Of course. We show them where to make their choice.”

Folks, it’s not choice reading if kids don’t actually have a choice.

I’m all for having kids read what’s in their instructional range for the instructional part of the day. And that’s where instruction ought to take place. But independent reading means I get to do the whole thing – make choices, breeze on through, struggle through, keep going on, decide to stop, linger, speed, get-it, wonder and wander through it.

This summer I’ll do a lot of independent reading. Some will be way below my reading level. And some will push me to new levels. But it will all be my choice! And I’ll do some reading that I didn’t choose, but because of help I’m doing with a school, I’ll read what they chose. And Bob and I will do what we do each and every summer – read a few things that are well beyond our comfort zone – so that we’ll be struggling readers.

Choice begins with, well, a choice.

And more on this very same topic:

No More Powdered Donuts:  Why Secondary Teachers Should Drop the Whole Class Novel




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